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This console controls all the large electronic scoreboards in our range designed to be installed in sports palaces (indoor stadiums) and in school gyms and college gyms. The large size of the graphic display and the simplicity of use make it easy to efficiently control our LED scoreboards, the other sports accessories available in our sports catalog like the score panels showing player fouls, points, and number as well as the sports scoreboards showing penalty times.
It is essential equipment for school gyms and college gyms to control the scoreboards for Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Five-a-Side Football (Futsal), Handball, Waterpolo, Hockey and many other sports.



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CONSOLE-320 (Art.230A, Art.230B)

Control Console for FS/FOS-series electronic scoreboards.

Ideal console for many sports: Basketball, Volleyball, 5-a-Side Soccer (Futsal), Football, Handball, Waterpolo, Hockey, Tennis, etc..

Available in 2 versions:

  • Art.230A - Console-320
  • Art.230B - Console-320 with wireless radio control
    This version allows you to save on the cost for the serial cable used to connect it to the display panels; however, a Radio Receiver must be installed near it (see ACCESSORIES). Radio communication is at 2.4GHz, on a channel chosen automatically to prevent interference with other equipment. Range: up to 100m (330ft) indoors and up to 500m (1640ft) outdoors.

Technical characteristics:

  • Ideal console for many sports: Basketball, Volleyball, 5-a-Side Soccer (Futsal), Football, Handball, Waterpolo, Hockey, Tennis, etc.. Multiple parameters can be set for each sport.
  • The large backlit graphic display, 5.6" (11.5x8.7cm), makes it possible to view all the information on the scoreboards at the same time.
  • USB port. Makes it easy to update the console software using a PC, useful when changing between the rules of one sport and another.
  • Multilingual. All the words and instructions on the display appear in the language selected: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German.
  • Highly reliable membrane keyboard: 5 million operations per key.
  • Interactive keys. Depending on the sport and the menu that is active, the 13 yellow keys placed around the edge of the screen change their function, displayed on the screen near the key and in the language selected.
  • Easy to configure. Thanks to the large graphic display and the choice of languages, all the functions are clearly presented and easy to program, even without using the manual. The manual is provided in any case, in all 5 languages.
  • Control of the main electronic scoreboard showing the team scores and fouls, bonuses, timeouts, and the possession/turn indicator.
  • Control of the statistics panels (side displays) showing the player number and fouls, and the points and name of each player. The statistics for all 24-28 players are displayed on the console at the same time.
  • Control and display of 5 penalty times for each team, needed for different sports like Handball, Football 5-a-side (Futsal), Hockey, Waterpolo, etc.. Up to 5 penalty times for each team are shown on the screen at the same time.
  • Control of the game timer. Multiple parameters can be set for each sport: count back or forward, game and interval times, sound indicating end of game time and end-of-interval warning signal, etc.. Start/Stop of the game timer can be directly activated via the Control CONSOLE-320 but to make it easier to operate the game timer use of the "TIME-CONSOLE-02" (art.232) is recommended. See ACCESSORIES.
  • Controlling the 24 seconds shot clock using the special buttons. To have better control over the 24 seconds shot clock, we recommend you use the specially designed "TIME-CONSOLE-02" (art.232). See ACCESSORIES.
  • Current time. The control console includes a clock to be able to view the time on the scoreboard's game timer.
  • 2 serial data outputs. Two connectors ensure operational continuity in case one of the 2 outputs fails.
  • Strong container made from powder-coated aluminum.
  • Transport case (Photo) supplied with the console, which can also hold any additional accessories ("Time-Console-02" for the 24 seconds shot clock and game timer, external battery, etc.).
  • Guarantee: 2 years. (info).
  • Dimensions and weight: 31.5x19x12cm, 1.9kg.
  • Power supply: 12Vdc ±10%, 200mA Max. This makes it possible to supply power to the console with a 12V external battery (see ACCESSORIES) or using the supplied power adaptor (100-240V) with the type of plug to be selected when ordering.

ACCESSORIES (not included):

  • Time-Console-02 (art.232) ... >> Photo
    This is a supplementary console that is small and economical, making it easier to operate the 24 second shot clock or the game timer; to meet the demands of both the people operating these timers, it is recommended to buy 2 units. Characteristics:
    1. Has 2 practical small control levers (START/STOP, LOAD/SOUND).
    2. 2m cable to connect with Console-320.
  • Rechargeable battery (art.828-1)
    Useful to power Console-320 without having to be plugged into the main electrical grid. Typical duration over 35 hours.
  • Battery charger (art.169) ... >> Photo
    Required if you purchase the rechargeable battery.
  • Radio Receiver for FS scoreboards (art.265-10)
    Receives the data transmitted by the control console, when it is equipped with a radio transmitter, and distributes the signal to one or more scoreboards. Radio communication is at 2.4GHz, on a channel chosen automatically to prevent interference with other equipment.
    >> Radio Receiver installation manual


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