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KIT30s (Art. 271)

The KIT30s is designed for displaying ball possession time and timeout in Water Polo. Current regulation possession time is 30 seconds.

The KIT30s is composed of two 30-seconds display panels, a command console, and a 24V power supply unit which secures isolation of the electrical power supply. The power supply unit comes with a 20m cable for connection from points far from the pool.


  • Possibility of modifying possession time and timeout from 1 to 99 seconds.
  • 20cm-high digits in red.  Visibility: 70m.
  • Green light on display indicating the time count in action.
  • End of time acoustic buzzer on each display.
  • Connecting cables to the 2 display panels: 1 x 20m + 1 x 40m, supplied
  • Connecting cable to the power supply unit for securing isolation of the electrical mains: 1 x 20m, supplied.
  • Conformal Coating (anti-moisture) of the electronic boards.
  • Possibility of adding two more 30-seconds display panels (art.273).
  • Power supply: 230Vac or 115Vac, 40VA MAX., to choose from when ordering.


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Water polo 30 second shot-clock timer, pair of 30s + console + 24V adapter

Art.271 - KIT30s , pair of 30s + console + 24V adapter

Size: 2pz 29,2x30,4x4,4cm + 2pz 20x8x12,5cm. - Weight: 10kg.

Basketball 24 second shot-clock timer, supplementary display for KIT24s

EUR 132.00

Art.273 - DISPLAY 24-30s - supplementary display for KIT24-30s

Size: 29,2x30,4x4,4cm. - Weight: 2kg.

Alternating possession arrow for basketball, Basketball Scoreboard

EUR 218.00

Art.255 - Alternating possession arrow

Size: 56x23.5x9cm. - Weight: 1.7kg.


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