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Payment methods

Only payment types specified in the quote will be accepted.

Cash-on-delivery payments: C.O.D. orders can only be accepted for destinations in Italy. The CUSTOMER must pay the courier directly in cash upon delivery of the goods. It is advisable to have the exact amount on hand since the courier is not obligated to provide change.

Advance bank transfer payments:
The payment is considered effective only after the amount has been credited to FAVERO's checking account. The CUSTOMER must include the order number and the name of the company or person appearing on the invoice.
Here is the information required for making bank transfers:

Recipient:   FAVERO ELECTRONICS Srl  -  Via R. Lombardi, 64 - 31030 Arcade (TV) - ITALY  

Please choose the bank that has a direct account with your bank so the payment is faster and you can save on bank fees.

Bank 1:
Deutsche Bank S.p.A. 
-   P.zza S.Leonardo, 5 - 31100 Treviso - ITALY
Bank identification codes:
IBAN: IT42B0310412001000000822101  -   S.W.I.F.T.: DEUT ITM 1514   -   Bank account number: 000000822101

Bank 2:
UNICREDIT BANCA - Agenzia di Spresiano, Treviso  - ITALY
Bank identification codes:
IBAN: IT12H0200862110000103528514   -   S.W.I.F.T.: UNCRITM1A72   -  Bank account number: 000103528514

The goods will be sent out only after the amount has been credited to our bank.
The money transfer  may take from 1 to 5 days.

Credit card payments:
We accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards processed on international circuits. At no time are we able to come into knowledge of information regarding your credit card, since it is transmitted via a secured connection directly to the bank that is managing the transaction.

FAVERO thus declines any responsibility arising from illegitimate or fraudulent credit card use by third-parties.

Payment via credit card is only allowed if the name and the address of the recipient of the goods correspond to those of the cardholder.
Favero reserves the right to ask for a copy of the documents proving the ownership of the card used.
When a transaction is made on-line, the bank involved only authorizes the relative purchase amount. The amount will be effectively charged to the customer's credit card only after delivery of the goods.
If the order fails to be filled, whether due to Favero's lack of acceptance or to the customer's cancellation, Favero will immediately proceed with the request to release the applied amount.

Credit card payment procedure
After confirming your order, you will be directed to the secured site of the bank in order to enter your credit card data.

  • The transaction outcome is immediately displayed, followed by an e-mail confirmation.
  • Upon successful completion of the transaction, you will receive the goods within the number of days specified in the quote.
  • If the credit card payment is unsuccessful, we suggest that you repeat the procedure, being careful to provide the correct information.
If the payment fails to go through again, we suggest that you contact the issuer of your credit card; they will be able to review your payment attempts and figure out why they were refused. After the problem has been resolved, you may repeat the procedure.


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