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Guarantee and Post-Sale Support


All goods sold by FAVERO within the European Community are covered by the legal guarantee, as defined by Directive 99/44/EC and the relative Italian transposal legislation, of 24 (twenty-four) months starting from the date of delivery with respect to any lack of conformity of the goods with their documentation.

FAVERO extends its guarantee to 24 months, under the same terms, to its products sold outside the European Community as well.

Guarantee conditions
The guarantee does not include:

  • parts subject to normal wear-and-tear, such as batteries, connection cords and cables, connectors, moving mechanical parts and exterior surfaces;
  • any software updates, maintenance, periodic checks;
  • damages resulting from carelessness, negligence, any use or installation that does not conform with the instructions provided, and any unauthorized tampering or modifications;
  • damages due to external causes: accidents, infiltration of liquids, fire, voltage surges due to lightning or other sources, etc..

Shipping costs
FAVERO's guarantee does not include shipping costs.

Use of the guarantee
In order to take advantage of the guarantee, the customer must:

  • promptly inform FAVERO of the lack of conformity or defect found in the goods;
  • wait for  instructions from FAVERO.


Every product we sell is provided with indispensable installation and use instructions (also available on this site).

Thanks to its long experience, starting from 1978, FAVERO products prove to be very reliable over time.

In the event of use difficulties or malfunction problems, you may:
  • Consult the additional information provided on this site.
  • Ask for free support or assistance by sending an e-mail to support@favero.com along with a detailed description of the problem.
  • Follow our instructions. In most cases, the problem can be resolved via e-mail or telephone.
  • If the problem persists, follow our instructions for sending the product in for repairs. If the product is large, only the defective part that we will specify needs to be sent in.

The address for delivery is:

Via R. Lombardi, 64 - 31030 Arcade TV - ITALY
Tel. +39 0422 874140

 Along with the goods to be repaired, you must include:

1. A copy of the correspondence with FAVERO regarding the problem: this will speed up repair times.
2. Name and telephone number of the person to contact in case clarifications are needed.
3. Copy of the purchase documents (invoice) if the goods are under guarantee.
4. Complete address for shipping the repaired goods.

Download the "Guarantee Certificate" of the FAVERO's products.



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