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KIT FS-30s (Art. 259)

The KIT FS-30s is designed for displaying ball possession time in Water Polo. Current regulation possession time is 30 seconds.

The KIT FS-30s is composed of two 30-seconds display panels and a 24V power supply unit which secures isolation of the electrical power supply. The power supply unit comes with a 20m cable for connection from points far from the pool.


  • 20cm-high digits in red.
  • Distance and readability angle: 90m (300ft), 150 degrees.
  • No front protection cover required. Complies with DIN 18032-3 and UNI 9554:1989 standards on "resistance to damage from balls".
  • End of time acoustic buzzer on each display.
  • Connecting cables to the 2 display panels: 1 x 20m + 1 x 40m, supplied.
  • Connecting cable to the power supply unit for securing isolation of the electrical mains: 20m, supplied.
  • Connecting cable to the control console: 10m, supplied.
  • Conformal Coating (anti-moisture) of the electronic boards.
  • Possibility of adding two more 30-seconds display panels (art.259-01).
  • Guarantee: 2 years (info).
  • Dimensions and weight of each display panel: 41x29x8.5cm, 5.1kg.
  • Power supply: 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 60VA. Select the type of plug for the power supply cord when ordering.

ACCESSORIES (not included):

  1. Console-700 Art.308-01  ... >> Photo
    The 30 seconds indicators are controlled using the "Console-700" control console for the electronic scoreboard, which we recommend be connected to the "Time-Console-03", especially designed with 3 convenient levers to make it easier to operate the 30 seconds shot clock.

  2. FS-24s-CONSOLE (Art.233-10) ... >> Link  ... >> Photo
    The FS-24s-CONSOLE is used only if the Console-700 (art.308-01) is not at one’s disposal. It is used for autonomously commanding only the 30-second FS-24s-H20 shot clocks (for basketball) or the 30-second KIT-FS-30s shot clocks (for water polo).

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Water polo 30 second shot-clock timer, Scoreboards for displaying ball possession time in Water Polo

Art.259 - KIT-FS-30s , pair of 30s + 24V adapter + cables

Size: 2pz 41x29x8,5cm + cables cm. - Weight: 15.8kg.

Art.259-01 - FS-30s supplementary 30s display for KIT-FS-30s

Size: 41x29x8,5cm. - Weight: 5,1kg.

multisport console with 7” touchscreen display

EUR 382.00

Art.308-01 - Console-700, multisport console with 7” touchscreen display

Size: 24.5x17x8.5cm. - Weight: 1.35kg.

Additional console for managing the chronometer or the shot clock.

EUR 51.00

Art.232-03 - Time-Console-03, additional console for chronometer and 24/14/30 second shot clock

Size: 12x8.2x2.5cm. - Weight: 0.32kg.

Control console for FS-series 24- and 30-second shot clock panels

EUR 262.00

Art.233-10 - FS-24s-CONSOLE

Size: 28,3x10x6,8cm. - Weight: 1,2kg.


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