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CONTROL-CARDS (Art.733 - Art.734)



Art.733 - CONTROL-CARDS-8 : For the control of 8 packs of playing cards.

Art.734 - CONTROL-CARDS-16 : For the control of 16 packs of playing cards.

The CONTROL-CARDS is a useful accessory for public places where tables for card playing are used. It is connected to a timer clock/tariff meter, in such a way as to automatically define the amount to be paid, based on a pre-determined time tariff and on the time-length of use of the table.



  • Convenient container for packs of cards with the numbering of the same clearly visible. The maximum dimensions of the pack that can be inserted are: width 100mm, thickness 30mm.
  • Micro-switch on the bottom of each pack container which registers the presence of the same.
  • Easy connection to timer clock/tariff meter by means of a telephone cable which is included.
  • Two models of timer clock/tariff meter are available: the MICRO8, which can control up to 8 tables, and the MICRO32, that can control up to 32 tables.
  • When a pack of cards is taken from the container, the time count automatically starts for the corresponding table. The tables being counted are clearly visible on the timer clock/tariff meter.
  • When a pack of cards is taken the lighting up of the table can be automatically carried out. This happens if the timer clock/tariff meter is also connected to the CONTROL-LAMP accessory (see leaflets MICRO8 and MICRO32).
  • At the end of the game, when the cards are inserted into the container, the operator can visualise the amount to be paid.
  • The timer clock/tariff meter model MICRO32, as well as registering the time tariff, permits the registration of food and drink consumed at the table.


Dimensions and weight:

  • Art.733 - CONTROL-CARDS-8: 36.6 x 15 x 7.5cm - 1.7kg
  • Art.734 - CONTROL-CARDS-16: 73.2 x 15 x 7.5cm - 3.4kg

Item codes and prices (not including VAT) VAT information

controller for 8 playing cards

Art.733 - ...#CONTROL-CARDS-8 controller for 8 playing cards

Size: 36,5x15x10,7cm. - Weight: 2.3kg.

controller for 16 playing cards

Art.734 - ...#CONTROL-CARDS-16 controller for 16 playing cards

Size: 2pz 36,5x15x10,7cm. - Weight: 4.4kg.

Clocks for hourly rate  for billiards

EUR 360.00

Art.708 - MICRO8

Size: 21,3x12,3x5,6cm. - Weight: 0.75kg.

Clocks for hourly rate  for billiards

Art.700 - MICRO32

Size: 37x11x16cm. - Weight: 4.6kg.

Clocks for hourly rate  for billiards

EUR 880.00

Art.700/2 - MICRO32 2nd version

Size: 37x11x16cm. - Weight: 4.6kg.

Billiards lamps digital controller to lighting / controller for controlling the activation of 8 lamps or other electrical appliances

Art.740 - CONTROL-LAMP-8 (8 lamps controller)

Size: 24,5x19,7x9,5cm. - Weight: 1.25kg.

Billiards lamps digital controller to lighting / 16 lamps controller

EUR 323.00

Art.741 - CONTROL-LAMP-16 (16 lamps controller)

Size: 31x23,5x12,7cm. - Weight: 1.8kg.


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