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Electronic scoreboards for gymnastics, artistic, classic, aerobics, ...

Round Timer, Boxing scoreboard, Electronic timer for boxing and martial arts sport wall version
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€ 195.00 (art. 150)       Size: 56x19x4cm.

Ideal for sporting activities and gymnasiums (competitions, training, fitness sessions) where the sequences of action-pause are of a fixed duration. This timer is also useful for managing times for speakers.


       Martial Arts
       Indoor cycling

Portable Scoreboard for multisport,  basketball scoreboard, sport scoreboards, Electronic scoreboard
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Scoreboard PS-M (Multisport)

€ 472.00 (art. 160)       Size: 55x35x9,5cm.

 Multisport Portable electronic scoreboard

– SCORES: from 0 to 199 each side.
– FOULS/SETS/OTHER: from 0 to 9 each side.
– POSSESSION/ROUND: 1 bright point per team.
– PERIODS: from 0 to 9.
– TIMEOUT: 4 bright points per team.
– CHRONOMETER: up to 99 min. and 59sec.


       Five-a-side, Futsal
       Water polo

electronic scoreboards to display the votes of more judges by using the remote controls
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KPB-5, KPB-10

€ 1 755.00 (art. 143)       Size: 2pz 38x101x7cm.

Performance scoreboard to display the votes of more judges by using the remote controls


       Martial Arts
       Synchronized swimming


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