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INOUT Display /1 (Art.291)
Substitution / Extra Time Board

Football/Soccer Substitute Board - Visualiser of numbers of players entering and exiting as substitutes in football (soccer) game.


Soccer Substitution Board Displays one number
at a time


  • The electronic display provides a image of modernity as well as being more practical in its use than the traditional cards. Its luminosity attracts attention and is therefore useful for sponsor advertising.
  • There are 2 models available.
    The INOUT DISPLAY/2 visualizes the two numbers simultaneously.
    The INOUT DISPLAY/1 visualizes one number at a time. The two numbers, ingoing and outgoing, are however previously registered and then respectively visualised with the IN and OUT buttons.
  • The number is visualised in:
    RED FLASHING for the ingoing player
    RED FIXED for the outgoing player
  • The INOUT DISPLAY is also useful for indicating the time added on for stoppages.
  • The numbers are 28cm high. They are capable of visualising figures from 0 to 99. They are formed with high efficiency leds that are clearly visible even in bright sunlight.
  • An appropriate electronic control keeps the luminosity of the numbers constant as long as the battery still has some life.
  • Two convenient handles, placed on the rear part, render the display easy to be lifted and carried.
  • A strong membrane keyboard, with reaction to touch, is situated between the two handles, this permits easy and convenient control of the visualiser.
  • Internal rechargeable lead battery: 6V 1.2A. When the battery is fully charged, about 30 visualisations of one minute's duration can be carried out. Its average life is 5 years. It is easy to remove and substitute.
  • Special attention has been paid to the maintenance of the efficiency of the battery. The equipment turns itself off automatically after a certain period of time during which no key has been pressed. However the battery is subject to its own auto-discharge, it is therefore necessary to re-charge it, at least every 9 months, even if it has not been in use.
  • The BATTERY CHECK button allows a check of the charge level of the battery, indicating a value of 0 (flat) to 5 (fully charged).
  • Guarantee of 2 years.
  • Dimensions and weight, with carrying case and battery charger included: 44 x 41 x 10cm - 4.3kg


The INOUT DISPLAY is equipped with:

  • Carrying case for transport.
  • Battery charger. The standard version is with 230V input. 115V is available on request.
  • Advertising panel for the sponsor. In the event of there being more than one sponsor, there is a very fast panel change. The dimensions of the advertising space vary according to the model, and are: 37 x 14cm facial part, 37 x 29cm rear part.


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Substitution board, Substitute Board, Player Substitution, Visualiser of numbers of players entering and exiting as substitutes in football (soccer) game

Art.291 - Substitute Board, INOUT Display/1

It is included the carrying case and the battery charger.

Size: 44x41x10cm. - Weight: 4.3kg.


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