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An electronic device for remote enabling of Personal Computers (INTERNET rooms, videogames on PC, safety, etc.). It is ideal for the management of payment by time with hourly tariff controllers. A simple electrical contact enables both keyboard and mouse to operate.

INTERNET ACCESS/PC comes complete with:

  • 230Vac power cord with plug.
  • ENABLE line. By short circuiting the 2 conductors of this line, the mouse and the keyboard are enabled. The enable contact can be supplied automatically from various types of hourly tariff controllers (see ARTICLE CODES).
  • Keyboard and mouse connectors (2 input and 2 output connectors). They are connected just as extensions.
  • Two indicator lamps wich can be seen through a hole in the lid, they signal:
    1. Red indicator lamp: INTERNET ACCESS on;
    2. Green indicator lamp: keyboard and mouse enabled.
  • Upon start-up, the keyboard and the mouse are enabled automatically for 4 minutes for allowing the PC to recognize them whilst the Operating System is being loaded. INTERNET ACCESS and the PC must therefore be connected to the same power supply line. If required the enable time can be changed.
  • Power supply: 230Vac, 10mA; available the 115Vac version, selectable during the purchase.
  • Measurements: width 8cm, height 7cm, depth 12cm.
  • Weight: 0.6kg.

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This model is out of stock and it is NO MORE PRODUCED.

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