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LCD-BOX (Art. 126)



The LCD-BOX permits the opening of a box containing the balls for the billiard game, and can be placed up to 100m away from the table.
The ball box can therefore be placed near the billiard table (or under it, using a box model equipped with the appropriate clamps), thus avoiding the manipulation of the balls by the operator and also the obstruction caused by the box being near the cash desk.
Once the box has been opened by the START switch, the timer starts, and then stops when the box is closed with ALL the balls inside.Even one ball missing prevents the closing of the box.

Boxes for all types of balls are available ...>> Link

The connection between the LCD-BOX and the ball box is carried out with a 2 wire cable. The control is of low voltage, 24V.
All the boxes are available with the optional Lamp-Control, which permits the automatic lighting of the lamp when the box is opened. The LCD-BOX only needs the grid feed to command the opening of the box (available in 230V and 115V versions). The electronic parts for the time counting and the visualisation are fed by a internal lithium battery, which has a normal life of 10 years (8 years minimum). Therefore the LCD-BOX can function without being fed from the grid if the control of the ball box is not necessary.

The principal characteristics of the timer are:
  • Suitable for all countries because the value of each unit can be programmed (monetary unit); it can be: 0.05 - 0.10 - 0.20 - 0.50 - 1 - 2 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - 100.
  • Two hourly rates which may be programmed from 10 to 500 clicks per hour. The second tariff may be useful for peak hours or for CLUB members. The choice of the rate is then made by pressing the TARIFF button.
  • A start-game charge, which may be programmed from zero to 15 units, in the event that a set game charge is required in addition to the hourly rate.
  • Totaliser meter up to 99,999 clicks. The amount due is totalled only when the switch Start/Stop is turned to the STOP position. This permits continuation when the personel are changing shifts and the timer is in operation.
  • Programming, zeroing of the totaliser and access to the internal parts of the machine can only be carried out with the INSTALLATION key. This prevents tampering.
  • The flashing of the amount due indicates that the LCD 20 is in the counting position. Height of figures 12.7 mm. Said figures can therefore be read from a distance.
  • Strong metal container.
  • Power supply:
    Art.126A: 230V 50-60Hz 250mA
    Art.126B: 115V 50-60Hz 500mA
    Useful for taking advantage of peak hours, both daily and weekly. Three hourly rates can be programmed and they may alternate automatically on programmable hourly periods. In addition, the time is shown when no count is in progress.

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