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PLAY30-C (Art.351, Art.351T, Art.351D)

Electronic scoreboard for basketball, volleyball, five-players football, handball, etc.

  • Art.351 - PLAY30-C with only keys console and without display
    (console cable 30m)
  • Art.351T - PLAY30-C with infrared remote control and only keys console
    (console cable 30m)
  • Art.351D - PLAY30-C with display console
    (console cable 60m)


PLAY30-C with only keys console and without display (Art.351)

Visualized functions

  • Scores: from 0 to 199 each side.
  • Set/Bonus/Fouls: from 0 to 9 each side.
  • Possession/Priority/Turn: right or left hand side.
  • Chronometer: up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

Technical data

  • Scoreboard's digits: 17.4cm high.
  • Set/Bonus/Fouls indicator's numbers: 9.4cm high.
  • Chronometer's digits: 15cm high.
  • Visibility.  Scores: 60m. Chronometer: 50m. Set/Bonus/Fouls: 30m.
  • Counting time: programmable and choice of the forward or backward modality.
  • An acoustic signal 105db-30cm (which can be excluded) warns when the time has run out.
  • It is supplied with a keyboard already connected by means of a cable 30 metres long. The eventual extension of the cable is very easy because it is a cable with only 3 conductors.
  • The sturdy membrane keyboard with big, coloured keys is reliable and easy to use.
  • On request, adhesive writings, in various languages: HOME-GUEST, HEIM-GÄSTE, LOCALI-OSPITI, etc..
  • Power supply: 230Vac, 40VA MAX.
  • Sturdy Metal container.
  • Scoreboard measurements: width 75cm, height 59cm, depth 10cm.
  • Keyboard measurements: width 15.5cm, height 16cm, depth 1.5cm.
  • Total weight: 13kg.



PLAY30-C with remote control and only keys console (Art.351T)

Available the version with infrared remote control in which, any way the keyboard with cable long 30 meters is given in endowment. Technicals details of the remote control:

  • 25 meters range.
  • Strong covering in aluminium and of contained dimensions: 11 x 4.8 x 2.2cm.
  • Keyboard with a membrane unassailable from dirty and liquids.


PLAY30-C with luminous console display (Art.351D)

The link between the scoreboard and the console takes place through a wire phone: in endowment is given a 60m long cable. The console with display presents the following advantages:

  • it is necessary if the console operator does not have a direct vision of the scoreboard and it performs the management easier;
  • it disposes of a greater number of keys and tasks;
  • Can be connected up to 4 scoreboard repeaters PLAY30C-REPEATER (see options).



Internal Car HORN (Art.333I)

The PLAY30-C already has an his own acoustic signaller to signal the end of the time. If you need to get a more powerful acoustic signaller (for instance in wide and/or noisy places) it is possible to order the PLAY30-C with a car horn included (Art.333I). Please take care the car Horn is purchasable only together to tables and not subsequently.

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