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bePRO S (Art.771-10)

Bicycle power meter with a single power sensor.

Integrated in only one pedal, bePRO S measures the force applied on the left pedal and provides an estimation of the total power exerted by both legs. Cyclists who wish to have top power measuring can buy the right pedal separately at a later time.

bePRO S has an internal integrated cadence sensor.


The use of high tech content and cutting-edge materials, the weight of the bePRO S sensor is only 16 g, makes the powemeter extremely light, total weight of each pedal is only 156 g.

Your power meter is always ready for use. Its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have a 30-hour life, regardless of whether you are racing or training.

Reliable even in extreme conditions as proved by the rigorous quality tests successfully passed by bePRO S: impact, drop, wear, water, temperature and humidity tests.

Thanks to the ANT+ technology, bePRO S is compatible with the best cycling computers available on the market. The power meter software ensures reliable data transmission from the power meter to any commercially available device.

Easy to install
You can install your bePRO S on your bicycle by yourself in just a few minutes, without the assistance of a mechanic, without needing to modify the transmission, remove the wheels, or install external sensors.

Provided with an advanced compensation system, bePRO S can take accurate and reliable measures in any environmental condition, with a margin of error of only 2%.


Technical characteristics:

• Radio transmission protocol: ANT+, 2,4 GHz
• Sent parameters: instantaneous power (Watt), instantaneous cadence
• Minimum - maximum power: 0 - 2000 W
• Minimum - maximum cadence: 30-180 rpm
• Power measuring accuracy: ± 2%
• Cadence sensor: internal integrated
• Internal battery: 30-hour life rechargeable lithium battery
• Weight of the pedal with sensor: 156 g
• Sensor weight: 16 g
• Pedal weight: 140 g
• Pedal bolt material: Cr-Mo steel
• M16 nut material: AISI 316L steel
• Pedal body material: NEP injection molded
• Threading: 9/16"-20 tpi
• Bearings: n.3 sealed cartridge bearings
• Minimum - maximum operating temperature: -10 / 60 °C
• Water resistance: IPX7
Pedal maximum charge: 120 kg
• Battery charger: inlet 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 85 mA - outlets 2xUSB 5V 1,0A
• Battery charger plugs adaptor: EU, US, UK, AU (IEC Types C, A, G, I)
• Certifications: CE, RoHS, ANT+ PWR
• Reference standards: EN14038, EN60950
• Compatible cleats: Look Keo
• Guarantee: 2 years


Package content:

• Left pedal with power sensor
• Right pedal with power sensor
• Look Keo (6°) compatible cleats
• Battery charger supplied with two 2 meter-long cables
• Set 2 bePRO alignment labels
• Set installation tools
• User manual
• Package size and weight: 405x100x105mm 1.7 kg

Optional accessories (not included):

• Crowfoot adapter for torque wrench 3/8″ (art.771-82)
• Right side pedal with powermeter as upgrade from bePRO S to bePRO (art.771-55)

Quick links:

User manual
• Configuration software
Spare parts


For more info visit www.bepro-favero.com.



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