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Membrane Keyboard for Chronometers - spare part

Art.R310 - Membrane Keyboard for Crono/Crono-M - spare part

Weight: 0.009kg.

Infrared remote control for Chronometer Crono/Crono-M   - Tx only

Art.R361-7 - Infrared remote control for Crono/Crono-M - Tx only

Spare part

Size: 11x4,8x2,2cm. - Weight: 0.17kg.

Art.0430-0360B - FAV.9506B electronic board for remote control of Play20-20d-20C-20V-30V-30C-40-Crono-CronoM

Spare part

Size: 5x3,9cm. - Weight: 0.017kg.

Electronic board FAV.9306B (CPU for PLAY20 etc.)

EUR 55.00

Art.R320-1 - Electronic board FAV.9306B (CPU for PLAY20 etc.)

Spare part

Weight: 0.065kg.

art.0048-0160 Buzzer, 105db-2m

EUR 11.00

Art.0048-0160 - Buzzer, 105db-30cm

Spare part

Size: 4.5x6x3cm. - Weight: 0.02kg.

EUR 100.00

Art.333E - EXTERNAL Electromagnetic Horn 110dB-2m

Size: 16x21x8cm. - Weight: 1.7kg.


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