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GAME-SHOT (Art.391)

Darts scoreboard



  • Stylish printing gives to scorer a pleasant look.
  • Dimensions: width 21.3cm - height 12.3cm - thickness 5.6cm.
  • Red coloured numbers 14.2mm height (0.56").
  • Flat keyboard with large keys which make the scorer easy to use. Each key has a lifetime of 5 millions punches.
  • In case of black-out no total points being held in the memory fill will be lost, non batteries are needed.
  • A sturdy plastic container insulated with no need for a ground connection. The scorer comes complete with cord and plug.
  • Fixing to wall by plugs.
  • Low energy consumption: max 6VA at 230Vac.



  • ON/OFF key: turns on and off GAME SHOT; when off will be light up only a dot on display.
  • Sound ON-OFF: turns sound on or off.
  • CANCEL: used with NUMERICS and GAMES keys.
  • GAMES: displays for 3 seconds the numbers of defeated games from the players; during the 3 seconds this number can be reset by CANCEL key.
  • START 301, START 501: they set up games, beginning with standard scores. The player who begins comes shown by a point that blinks for 5 seconds on the corresponding display. It can be changed repressing the START or the ENTER key. To become easier the consecutive matches, to every new START the player that starts pulling is automatically alternated. During the match the player that is pulling is indicated by the lighting up of the point on the corresponding display.
  • START XXX: start any score by using this button followed by ENTER. If zero is entered GAME ON will automatically add scores (HIGH SCORE).
  • 1 PLAYER: press this button after having selected your game.
  • NUMERICS keys: punch in your score and follow by ENTER. If an error is made press CANCEL and continue. If an error is made and has already been entered, press MEMORY DOWN and then CANCEL.
  • + key: allows you to add all 3 single darts if necessary. Example: 27 + 25 + 39 ENTER.
  • MEMORY UP, MEMORY DOWN: allows visual of previous scores and cancelling of errors. If an incorrect score has been entered press MEMORY DOWN and then CANCEL. If the incorrect score has not been entered just press CANCEL.
  • DARTS: keep pressed to see number of darts thrown during any stage of the game.
  • AVERAGE: visualizes at any time the AVERAGE score per dart. The average is shown in two stages : first the whole number and then decimals. Ex.: 30.45 = 30_ and then _45. To obtain the exact average at the end of game press 1 key if game is closed with first dart, and 2 key if closed with 2nd and press AVERAGE.


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