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TERMODELTA Electronic thermostat for billiard

Art. 650A ... TERMODELTA black, 230V.

It allows to choose between two operation modes: the first, more traditional one, keeps the billiard table at the programmed temperature; the second, more innovative one, brings it to a temperature higher than room temperature by a constant and programmable value. This latter mode ensures top performance with minimum thermal stress of the billiard table.
It also features the LOW POWER function, to keep the billiard table warm at night with minimum energy consumption. This avoids humidity deposits and permits to reach the pre-set temperature quickly the next morning.

Technical Data:

  • Sturdy, completely insulated plastic container which does not need earthing.
  • Simple design which adapts to all types of billiard.
  • Secret settings to avoid tampering by players.
  • Power connection: 230Vca.
  • Power of the connectable resistor: 2200W at 230Vca, 1150W at 115Vca.
  • Dimensions: 16 x 6 x 6.5 cm. Weight: 0.4 kg.

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