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KIT24s (Art. 270)

Basketball 24 seconds shot clock

The KIT24s system has been designed to visualise the ball possession time and time-out in basketball. The regulations in force provide for these times to be of 24/14 and 60 seconds respectively.

It consists of a console with a keyboard and two display panels.



  • 20-cm-high figures in red.  Visibility: 70m.
  • Handling of the 14 seconds rule, as per the latest FIBA regulations.
  • Green light on display indicating the time count in action.
  • End of time period buzzer on each display.
  • Possibility of modifying ball possession time and time-out from 1 to 99 seconds.
  • Two display connecting cables are supplied: 1 x 20m + 1 x40m.
  • Various cable extension lenghts available on request.
  • Possibility of adding two more display panels (Art.273).
  • Power supply: depending on version, 230Vac or 115Vac, 35VA MAX.
  • Size: 2pz 29,2x30,4x4,4cm +1pz 20x8x12,5cm. 
  • Weight: 8.9kg.

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Basketball 24 second shot-clock timer, Pair of 24s + console-24 second shot clock/Basketball Scoreboards

EUR 480.00

Art.270 - KIT24s Pair of 24s + console

Size: 2pz 29,2x30,4x4,4cm +1pz 20x8x12,5cm. - Weight: 8.9kg.

Basketball 24 second shot-clock timer, supplementary display for KIT24s

EUR 132.00

Art.273 - DISPLAY 24-30s - supplementary display for KIT24-30s

Size: 29,2x30,4x4,4cm. - Weight: 2kg.

art.276  CONSOLE-1A for controlling 24s

EUR 133.00

Art.276 - CONSOLE for controlling KIT-24s

Spare part

Size: 20x8x12,5cm. - Weight: 2.1kg.


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