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Options for MICRO8 and MICRO32

Is designed for controlling the activation of lamps or other electrical appliances.

Three models available: for 4, 8 and for 16 lamps.

  • Art.739 - CONTROL-LAMP-4 for controlling 4 lamps
  • Art.740 - CONTROL-LAMP-8 for controlling 8 lamps

Each of its outputs is relay-controlled and protected by a fuse.
The load that can be applied to each output is 5A/250 V.

Each control mechanism may be positioned as far as one hundred (100) metres from the MICRO8-MICRO32 , and the connection is made by means of a thin cable 4 mm in diameter. Each lamp controller is supplied with an extention cable of 15 m long. The control mechanisms may thus be set up in the best place for simplifying the connections to the lights or the ball-containers, and the MICRO8-MICRO32 can be positioned where it is most convenient for the operator. The unit lends itself ideally, therefore not only to new game rooms but also to existing rooms since it features a simple electrical system.

Power Supply: 230V 50-60Hz, 6VA (Art.739), 10VA (Art.740), 15VA (Art.741).   

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