PER-LIGHT, Perimeter Lights Red and Yellow with Control Unit

Perimeter Lights Red and Yellow for basketball backboards

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The Perimeter Light Red and Yellow operating modes are programmable in the Command Console (Console-700, art.308-01):
  • (a) the duration of the lighting at the end of every game period,
  • (b) the lighting at the end of the ball possession period (shot clock),
  • (c) eventual flashing.

The control signal for activating the perimeter light red and yellow comes from the serial data cable used for the series FS and FC scoreboards, for example the 24-seconds shot clocks FS-24s-1B, FS-24s-3B, FS-24s-4B.

For basketball courts, two of these items are required (one for each basketball backboard).

The product consists of:

  • Perimeter light Red and Yellow with an 2.8m long cable to be connected to the Control Unit.
  • Control Unit, ready to be connected to the serial data cable of the FS and FC scoreboards, from which it receives the information for the activation of the Perimeter Light.
  • Connecting cables between the Control Unit and the serial data cable that attaches to the 24-second shot clock.
  • One RJ-45 3-way coupler for the serial data cable.


  • Compliant with FIBA regulations.
  • Length: 4.86 m (Elements: 1x1.62 m - 2x0.95 m - 2x0.67 m).
  • Power supply: 100-240V, 0.7A, 50-60Hz. The type of plug can be chosen upon purchase.
  • Weight (Perimeter Light + Control Unit): 2kg.
  • Warranty: 2 years (info).

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