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FR240 (art.960)

FR240 Large Scoreboard (240x62cm) for fencing finals.

Visualised functions:

 Scorer: [0-99], digits 20cm high.
 Chronometer: [0:00 - 9:59], digits 15cm high.
 Match Counter: [0-9], digits 15cm high.
 Fencers' name and country: 12+3 characters, 12cm high.
 Red and yellow cards and Priority.
 Red, Green and 2 White Lights, signalling hits: they are made of highly luminous LEDs. The size of each light (11.5 x 81cm) allows them to be visible even when fencers are in front.


 Two-sided display.
All information visible at a distance of over 70m.
 Easy transportation.  The large scoreboard (240x62cm) can easily be dismantled into two units which fit into the extremely sturdy case provided. Its dimensions are accepted by all the standard courier services and airlines. The assembly of the two units and the pedestals requires just a few minutes and can be carried out with the sole use of a screwdriver.
 Apparatus can be positioned 5cm or 60cm from the ground by means of the specially provided pedestals. A carry case for the pedestals is included.
 Apparatus can be suspended from the ceiling with the brackets provided.
 Only two connection cables needed: the power supply cable and the data input serial cable. Connectors for the 2 cables are placed both at the bottom and at the top of the scoreboard. The latter facilitates connections when the scoreboard is suspended. A 3m and a 10m serial cable are also provided. Should a longer cable be needed, for example when the FR240 is hung from the ceiling, a standard direct network cable can be used. This cable is readily available in shops or easy to make. The adapter from RJ45 to DB9 connector is also provided with the FR240.
 Data input through Rs422 serial port which uses the Rs422-FPA communication protocol. It can be connected to the FA-07 piste apparatus or other devices that use the same protocol which includes messages regarding the name and nationalities of the fencers.
 Flexible positioning provided. The separation between the FR240 and the signalling apparatus FA-07 allows:
-- To position the FR240 behind the fencers and the signalling apparatus in front of the raised piste, on the referee's side.
-- To hang the scoreboard from the ceiling.
-- To connect more than one FR240 to the same piste apparatus.
  Two ways of managing names/countries of the fencers:
-- Automatically, if the competition management software uses the CYRANO protocol.
-- Manually, via a computer which is LAN connected to FA-07 piste apparatuses, using the specially provided software.
 Power supply: 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 200VA typ, 380VA max.
 Weight and size:
-- Display panel unit: 240x62x9cm, 42.5kg.
-- Transport case for display panel: 127.5x71.5x27cm, 19.5kg
-- Transport case for pedestal: 60x40x13,5cm , 2,5kg.
 Guarantee: 2 years (info).


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