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PLAY40 - FENCING (Art.847)

Repeater panel for FENCING (150 x 98 cm)


It is used in the fencing matchs, it repeats the FA-07FULL-ARM-05 mains indications to allow their visibility to a longer distance; it is connected to a serial output of them by telephonic cable in endowment, long 15m but extensible till 100m.

Displayed functions:

  • Scorer: from 0 to 99 each side. 30cm of digits height, visible up to 90m and beyond.
  • Yellow tag: yellow bright dot on both sides.
  • Priority: ‘P’ letter on each side, 20cm height and visible up to 60m and above.
  • Chronometer: maximum time of 9 minutes and 59 seconds. 30cm of digits height, visibility up to 90m and above. The color of two bright points between minutes and seconds shows in a clear and immediate way the timer status: GREEN=counting, RED=stopped.
  • Match number: from 0 to 3, or out; 20cm of digit height and legibility till 60m and beyond.

Technical data:

  • Installation: Very simple because, after to have inserted the power plug and connected the FULL-ARM-05, the scoreboard is ready to use. It is supplied with suitable thin chains that allow, not only an easy fixing to wall or at ceiling, but also the possibility to change the inclination to the best possible visibility.
  • Cabinet: Strong metal container, black dust painted. Transparent and antireflex front panel.
  • Dimensions: width 150cm, height 98cm, depth 7cm.
  • Weight: 34,5kg.
  • Serial cable length: 15m.
  • Power supply: 230Vac, 120VA max. It is also available the 115V version, selectable during purchase.


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