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FULL-ARM-05 (Art. 831)

Multifunctional Fencing Recorder (F.I.E. - approved)

FULL-ARM-05 (Art.831)

  • F.I.E. Approved.
  • CONTROL FOR 3 WEAPONS. Manual or automatic rearmament.
    Selection of two programmes for the sabre (with or without whip-over).
    Selection of a programme useful for epée teaching, which signals the hits in rapid succession.
    A special control prevents the annoying continuous noise that occurs in sabre and foil when the fencers are not connected.
  • The FULL-ARM-05 programme can be easily updated by replacing a single electronic component.
  • SCORER: height of the digits 7cm, legible up to a distance of 25-30m. Count up to 99. Increase, decrease, and zero out.
  • CHRONOMETER: height of the digits 5.2cm, legible up to a distance of 15-20m away. Start/Stop, 1 minute pause, Load start time. The colour of the two lighted dots between the minutes and seconds clearly and immediately indicates the chronometer status. GREEN = counting; RED = stopped.
  • Counting the MATCHES. Signaling for fencer PRIORITY, with manual and random selection. Signaling for PENALTY CARDS. The red card automatically increases the opponent’s point score.
  • Membrane keyboard: sturdy and reliable (5 million contacts per key).
  • Sound volume adjustable to three levels. The various events are indicated by different sound signals: hit, end of time, abnormalities.
  • The apparatus uses two DATA-LINE sockets to connect  LIGHTS REPEATERS (Art.894). The Data-Line sockets can be easily increased to four by using an inexpensive accessory connector (Art.880). For greater safety, the Data-Line sockets are insulated electrically through the use of optocouplers.
  • The cables connecting to the repeaters, ordinarily provided with the latter, are regular telephone cables that can be easily extended to 100m, if necessary.
  • ALL the visual displays on the FULL-ARM-05, including the lights signalling hits (one red, one green, and two white lights) consist of high-efficiency LED’s (average life: 100,000 hours). Therefore, the problems associated with short life and replacement of normal filament lamps are eliminated.
  • Power supply: 12Vac or 12Vdc. THE ELECTRICAL POWER USED IS MINIMAL, thanks to exclusive use of high-efficiency LED’s. The maximum total power used, with two coloured lights switched on, is only 4 watts. The Full-Arm-05 can also be supplied by a small rechargeable lead-acid battery 12V, 6-7Ah. In this case, it lasts for about 30 hours before requiring recharging. We can supply both the battery (Art.828) and the battery charger (Art.169).
    Low battery indication.
  • The case, made of shock-proof plastic (the front part is in polycarbonate), is resistant even to violent accidental blows with the weapons.
  • Dimensions: width 56cm, height 23.5cm, depth 8.5cm.
  • Two year warranty.


REMOTE CONTROL (Art. 840) - Provided with the FULL-ARM-05.

  • It controls the chronometer, the scorer, the rearmament, the matches, the penalty cards and the priority.
  • Maximum range: greater than 20m if positioned directly in front of the FULL-ARM-05.
  • Innovative transmission system: every remote control has a unique inalterable and inaccessible transmission code. By simply pressing the appropriate key, every FULL-ARM-05 can be programmed to recognise any remote control, but only one remote at a time.
    This feature gives several advantages:
    1. any apparatus can receive and recognise any remote control simply through the pressing down of two keys, one on the apparatus and one on the remote control
    2. two remote controls can never operate the same apparatus, so all possible illicit interference will be eliminated;
    3. it is not necessary to set the same code on the remote control and the FULL-ARM-05, nor to check to be certain that that code is different from all the others; and;
    4. there is no limit to the number of apparatus that can be connected in the same fencing arena.
  • Correct functioning of the remote control is shown by a red light, while correct reception is indicated by a yellow light on the FULL-ARM-05.
  • The remote control operates by using infrared rays. The advantage of infra-red ray transmission is that it is not affected by external factors, as it can occur with the transmission via radio, whose operations may easily be disturbed by transmitters operating on the same frequency, even when located a great distance away.
  • Remote control power supply: the remote control is supplied by a 9-volt alkaline battery. It transmits approximately 150,000 commands.
  • Sturdy aluminium casing in a compact size: 11 x 4.8 x 1.2cm. Weight: 170g.
  • Sturdy membrane keyboard.


The FULL-ARM-05 comes complete only with the remote control.
Depending on the type of power supply desired to supply the apparatus, the following items can be ordered:

  • For the 100-240V power supply: Art.954
  • For the battery power supply:
    BATTERY CHARGER: Art.829-B, Art.169

Other useful accessories are:

  • Art.852 BOX-04 carrying case. The carrying case may also house the battery (Art.828), the battery charger (Art.169) and the 1m high table-top stand (Art.873).
  • Art.873 1m high table-top stand.
  • Art.832 FULL-ARM-05/REPEATER. It allows the duplication at distance of all the information provided by the FULL-ARM-05.

Item codes and prices (not including VAT) VAT information

Fencing scoring machine desk version (remote control included)

EUR 530.00

Art.831 - FULL-ARM-05 desk version (remote control included)

Power supply not included. We suggest the art.954 or 828 + 169

Size: 56x23,5x9cm. - Weight: 2kg.

Fencing scoring machine wall version (remote control included)

EUR 530.00

Art.831/W - FULL-ARM-05/W wall version (remote control included)

Power supply not included. We suggest the art.954 or 828 + 169

Size: 56x21,5x4,5cm. - Weight: 1.8kg.

Art.954  Power supply unit, 90-264V/12Vdc 2.5A, medical, for Full-Arm-01-05, FA-07

EUR 35.00

Art.954 - Power supply unit, 90-264V/12Vdc 2.5A, medical

Weight: 0.34kg.

art.828  RECHARGEABLE BATTERY 12V/7Ah with connectors

EUR 78.00

Art.828 - RECHARGEABLE BATTERY 12V/7Ah with connectors

Size: 15.5x12.5x9cm. - Weight: 2.7kg.

BATTERY CHARGER 100-240V/13,8Vdc 1,5A

EUR 43.00

Art.169 - BATTERY CHARGER 100-240V/13,8Vdc 1,5A

For battery art.828

Weight: 0.32kg.

art.873  TABLE STAND - 1m high - 1

EUR 63.00

Art.873 - TABLE STAND - 1m high

Size: 55x6x4cm. - Weight: 1.1kg.

transport case for Fencing scoring machine Full-Arm-01-05

EUR 61.00

Art.852 - BOX-04 transport case for Full-Arm-01-05

Size: 60x40x13,5cm. - Weight: 3.0kg.

infrared remote control for Fencing scoring machines and recording apparatus for fencing 3 weapons

EUR 72.00

Art.840 - TELE-FULL-ARM infrared remote control for FA-05-03

Size: 11x4,8x2,2cm. - Weight: 0.17kg.

Full-Arm-05 REPEATER, wall version

EUR 478.00

Art.832 - Full-Arm-05 REPEATER, wall version

Power supply: 12V 400mA - not included. We suggest the art.954 or 828 + 169

Size: 56x23,5x9cm. - Weight: 1.65kg.


EUR 187.00


Size: 56x19x4cm. - Weight: 1.22kg.


EUR 187.00


Size: 56x19x4cm. - Weight: 1.22kg.


EUR 175.00


Power supply: 12V 400mA - not included. We suggest the art.954 or 828+169

Size: 56x19x4cm. - Weight: 1kg.


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