FS-24s-1UP update - FIBA 1/10/2017 rules

Update of the FS-24s-x boards to the new FIBA rules

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The article FS-24s-1UP allows the updating of the FS-24s-x series shot clocks to the new FIBA standards, mandatory for all sports venues of level 1.

The update kit consists of a front panel with one game-time indicator and one 24-second indicator. The update procedure is simple and can be done autonomously by following the manual.

Please purchase the number of pieces depending on the model of the shot clock in the sports hall, as shown below:

  • A sports arena with two FS-24s-1 requires two FS-24s-1UP, one per basket.
  • A sports arena with two FS-24s-3 requires six FS-24s-1UP, three per basket.
  • A sports arena with two FS-24s-4 requires eight FS-24s-1UP, four per basket.

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