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(Art.745-04, Art.745-06, Art.745-08)

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Art.745-04  PC-INTERFACE-32  (32 Lamp. + 32 Box) 

Art.745-06  PC-INTERFACE-64  (64 Lamp. + 64 Box)

Art.745-08  PC-INTERFACE-96  (96 Lamp. + 96 Box) 

The PC-INTERFACE is a suitable device useful for those who wish to manage a billiards room with a PC (Personal Computer) using a own customized software application. Such device, connected to the personal computer RS232 serial port, allows

  • the switching on and the shutdown of the billiards lamps,
  • the opening to distance of the ball boxes, and also
  • the verification of their status (open or closed)

The PC-INTERFACE may manage up to 96 billiards (96 lamps + 96 ball boxes) through the suitable controllers CONTROL-LAMP-16 and CONTROL-BALL-16.
To a PC-INTERFACE-32 it is possible to connect up to:

  • 2 controllers for lamps CONTROL-LAMP-16 (2 x 16 = 32), and
  • 2 controllers for ball boxes CONTROL-BALL-16 (2 x 16 = 32).

We manufacture also the model PC-INTERFACE-64, to which you can connect a maxim of

  • 4 CONTROL-LAMP-16 controllers (4 x 16 = 64) and
  • 4 CONTROL-BALL-16 controllers (4 x 16 = 64)

to manage up to 64 billiards, and the model PC-INTERFACE-96 to which you can connect a maxim of

  • 6 CONTROL-LAMP-16 controllers (6 x 16 = 96) and
  • 6 CONTROL-BALL-16 controllers (6 x 16 = 96)

to manage up to 96 billiards.


Is designed for controlling the activation of 4, 8 or 16 lamps or other electrical appliances. Each of the 4, 8 or 16 outputs is relay-controlled and protected by a fuse. The load that can be applied to each output is 5A/250V.

Is designed for controlling the BOXES (cases) which hold the billiard balls. The connection between each BOX and the controller is carried out using two wires at low voltage (24V). The BOX is a sturdy metal container with a simple mechanical system (patented) for controlling the billiard balls. There are BOXES for all types of billiard balls.


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Interface électronique pour les tableaux de billard (32 lampadaires + 32 Box boules)

Art.745-04 - PC-Interface-32 (32 lampadaires + 32 Box boules)

Dimensions: 16x12x7,7cm. - Poids: 0.6kg.

Interface électronique pour les tableaux de billard (64 lampadaires + 64 Box boules)

Art.745-06 - ...#PC-Interface-64 (64 lampadaires + 64 Box boules)

Dimensions: 16x12x7,7cm. - Poids: 0.6kg.


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