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Accessories: Assioma and bePRO








Buying on this website is reserved solely for Resellers. If you are not a Reseller, you can buy Assioma on the cycling.favero.com website. Prices shown in this site do not include VAT or export costs. 

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Black cleats 0° Assioma and bePRO

EUR 8.11

Art.771-40 - Black cleats (0° float)

Poids: 0.083kg.

Red cleats 6° Assioma and bePRO

EUR 8.11

Art.771-42 - Red cleats (6° float)

Poids: 0.083kg.

EUR 16.31

Art.771-45 - Cleat shims

Dimensions: 6,4x6,2x0,2cm. - Poids: 0,01kg.

Battery charger Assioma and bePRO

EUR 24.51

Art.771-85 - Battery charger

Poids: 0.12kg.

USBmicro-USB cable length 2,0m

EUR 8.11

Art.771-87 - USB/micro-USB cable (length 2,0m)

Poids: 0.04kg.

Magnetic connector for Assioma

EUR 20.41

Art.772-80 - Magnetic connector for Assioma

Replacement right pedal with sensor bePRO. Cycling power meter

EUR 368.03

Art.771-55 - Right pedal with sensor for bePRO

Poids: 0.15kg.

EUR 53.20

Art.771-82 - Adapter for torque wrench for bePRO

Crowfoot adapter for torque wrench with 3/8” pin for installing the bePRO pedal. Recommended accessory.

Poids: 0.15kg.


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