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Repeater panel for FENCING (75x59cm)

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It is used in the fencing matchs, it repeats the FULL-ARM-05 mains indications to allow their visibility to a longer distance; it is connected to a serial output of them by telephonic cable in endowment, long 15m but extensible till 100m.

Displayed functions:

  • Scorer: from 0 to 99 each side. 17.4cm of digits height, visible up to 50m and beyond.
  • Yellow tag: yellow bright dot on both sides.
  • Priority: ‘P' letter on each side.
  • Chronometer: maximum time of 9 minutes and 59 seconds. 15cm of digits height, visibility up to 40m and above. The color of two bright points between minutes and seconds shows in a clear and immediate way the timer status: GREEN=counting, RED=stopped.

Technical data:

  • Installation: Very simple because, after to have inserted the power plug and connected the FULL-ARM-05, the scoreboard is ready to use.
  • Cabinet: Strong metal container, black dust painted. Transparent and antireflex front panel.
  • Dimensions: width 75cm, height 59cm, depth 10cm.
  • Weight: 13kg.
  • Serial cable length: 15m.
  • Power supply: 230Vac, 60VA max. It is also available the 115V version, selectable during purchase.


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