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Products update, vers T2016

Updating of the apparatuses to the new FIE 2016 rules

  • Full-Arm-05:
    Instruction for the updating to the T2016 version  ...download PDF
    Technical information of the T2016 version   ...download PDF
    Software versions ...download PDF

  • FA-07:
    Technical information of the T2016 version   ...download PDF
    Download free of charge the last version - ZIP file - at the page of the FA-07 ...>>Link

  • FR240:
    It is necessary to replace 2 internal chips, so that FR-240 displays the tenths of second in the last 10 seconds.
    Instruction for the updating  ...download PDF 

    FIE specifications regarding the new Saber times that are used starting from season 2016-2017 and the identification of the scoring apparatus which satisfy the new times ...download PDF

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