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Multisport console
Touchscreen multisport console
Tablet console for sport scoreboard

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Console-700 art.308-01

User-friendly multisport touchscreen console for FC, FS, FW, TM, FOS series electronic scoreboards. Wireless or wired communication. 14-hour average life internal battery.

Key features

Multisport console allows the management of more than 18 sports.
7" multilingual color touchscreen display.
Intuitive use, with no need of written instructions.
14-hour average life rechargeable lithium battery.
2.4GHz radio transmission, with FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology to avoid interference caused by other devices.
USB port to easily update sports rules.
Impact proof as per EN-60950 for movable equipment.
Modern and ergonomic design, conceived for desktop and hand-held use.
Supplied with power supply unit and battery charger.
Guarantee: 2 years. (info)


 7" color touchscreen display.

Ideal for managing many different sports, such as basketball, 3x3 basketball, mini-basket, volleyball, water-polo, netball, football, futsal FIFA, futsal AMF, rink hockey, tennis, table tennis, badminton, boxing, wrestling and all the sports with the same features of other sports already managed.

Intuitive use, with no need of written instructions.

Multilingual. All the texts are displayed in the selected language: Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.

All game information is displayed at the same time in the main sport screen, included statistics panels with fouls and points of each player.

Up to 75 teams and relevant players can be entered, memorized and retrieved.

A color can be associated to each team; all the buttons assigned to a team are displayed with the associated color. This facilitates the operator and avoids mistakes.

Wired and wireless communication with the scoreboards.

Reliable wireless communication: by 2.4GHz FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) radio transmission to avoid interferences. The use of a wireless system reduces costs by eliminating the need of a cable connection between console and scoreboards.

Including a rechargeable lithium battery with 14-hour average life and battery charge level indicator. The console can be directly connected to the mains using the 100-240V universal power supply unit supplied with the console. The unit also serves as battery charger.

Thanks to the battery power supply and the wireless communication requiring no cable connection, free positioning and movement is possible while using the console.

USB port for easy software update in case of changes to sports rules. The update is automatically carried out by simply inserting the USB key containing the new software.

Impact proof as per EN-60950 for movable equipment. Sturdy ABS case.

Modern and ergonomic design, conceived for desktop and hand-held use.

The shot clock and the chronometer can be managed either directly from the console or through the additional "Time-Console-03" consoles, art.232-03.

Dimensions and weight. 24.5x17x8.5cm, 1.35kg.

Guarantee: 2 years. (info)

Parts included in the supply:
Power supply unit/battery charger.
5m cable, for scoreboard cable connection test, if necessary.

Product options, selectable after adding the article to the basket:
Type of power supply unit/battery charger plug.



Optional articles, to complete the product:

Art.308-10 Case-700, carrying case for Console-700
Sturdy carrying case for easy transport.

Art.232-03 Time-Console-03
Additional console, useful for the timekeeper or the 24/14/30 second shot clock operator.


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