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Time-Console-03 art-232-03

Additional console for managing the chronometer or the shot clock. To be used together with Console-700 or Console-300.


Useful for the timekeeper or the 24/14/30 second shot clock operator; to be used together with Console-700 or Console-300.
Each operator needs a console:

Provided with 3 handy small control levers to operate the chronometer or the 24/14/30 second shot clock.

2m cable for the connection to Console-700 or Console-300.

Guarantee: 2 years. (info)

Dimensions: 12x8.2x2.5cm.

Weight: 0.32kg.


Additional accessories, to be bought separately, necessary for product operation.

Time-Console-03 is to be used connected to one of the following consoles:
Art.308-01 Console-700
Console with 7" color touchscreen display. Wireless or wired communication.
Art.307-01 Console-300
Console with 20x2 LCD display and membrane keyboard. Wired communication.


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