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Interrupts the power supply of a device in case of attempted tampering due to radio interference or electrical discharge.


The Radio-Spark works by interrupting immediately (by a relay) the power supply of the device it has to protect and signalling an alarm for 5 seconds. It operates in 3 different types of attempted tampering due to:

  1. Radio transmitters: in the presence of a high level of radio frequency, the Radio-Sparks causes the power off of the device and activates a signalling alarm with a beeping sound (1 bip every 0.5s) for 5 seconds. The range of the radio frequencies is vast and covers all those that have been found dangerous.
  2. Electrical discharge (of gas lighters etc.): in this case the alarm is signalled by a fast intermittent sound.
  3. Repeated power on and off: the device is powered after only 5 seconds the power voltage is stabilized, avoiding problems caused by repeated switch (on/off) activations.


The Radio-Spark is placed in a series to the 2 wires of the power supply which has to be stopped when the interference takes place. It comes with terminal blocks for the connection to the entry and exit voltage.

It is supplied with plug in terminal blocks and so as to ease the installation in already-made wiring or its removal.


It is possible to adjust either the sensitivity to electrical discharge (sens.SPARK) or to radio-frequency shocks (sens.RF).


  • Power supply of Radio-spark board: it is given by the same voltage used to power the device. The consumption of the Radio-spark board is very low (30mA).
  • Maximum electric current allowed for each connecting device: 10A.
  • Typical operation time: 5ms release time of the relay.
  • Buzzer sound strenght: 105dB/30cm
  • Dimentions and weight: 104x51xH42mm, kg. 0.24/0.14

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Anti spark circuit + radio boards - Electronic controller for radio and sparks noises, for game rooms.

EUR 44.00

Art.A4-230 - RADIO-SPARK-230

Interrupts the power supply of a device powered by 230Vac.

Size: 10,4x5,1xH4,2cm. - Weight: 0.24kg.

Anti spark circuit + radio boards - Electronic controller for radio and sparks noises, for game rooms.

EUR 9.80

Art.A4-500 - Plastic box to contain the RADIO-SPARK electronic board, series A4-xxx

If ordered together the RADIO-SPARK board, the board is inserted into the plastic box.

Size: 12x8x5cm. - Weight: 0,11kg.


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