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PLAY14 (Art.310 - Art.311)


PLAY14 (Art. 310)

  • Special research and development have gone into the creation of this scoreboard, a useful device designed for billiard-type games (carambol, snooker, pool, etc.) and darts. The PLAY 14 scoreboard can also be used for many other games.
  • The display (numbers) is 11.5cm high and can be read from a distance of 30m. The colours utilized --red and green-- make the display both attractive and easier to read. Three displays for each player: two showing 3 numbers and one showing a single figure. In addition, indication is given of the player currently involved in the game.
  • Controlled at a distance by means of a sturdy flat-membrane keyboard already hooked up to a cable 18m in length.
  • It makes available a number of practical functions pertinent to the game in progress (e.g., POINT AVERAGE, MAX. POINT TOTAL, etc.).
  • If the electrical power should fail, no points total in the memory bank will be lost (and this without the use of batteries).
  • The scoreboard comes equipped with adhesive- backed tags printed in several languages, tags which explain the display functions (SCORE, SET, FRAME, GAMES, INNINGS, BREAK, PUNKTE, SATZ, SPIELE, AUFNAHME, PUNTI, PARTITE, RIPRESE). Also included are 4 white plastic blanks upon which the name of the players or team can be written; these blanks are located right under the display terminal itself.
  • A sturdy metal box easily attachable to a wall.
  • Size: 1pz 75x59x10cm + 1pz 22x12x1,7cm. - Weight: 12.2kg.
  • Power Supply: 230V 50-60Hz, 60VA. Available also for 115V.


PLAY14 with Infrared Remote Control (without remote keyboard) (Art. 311)

  • The same as the above model but with an infrared remote control in place of the keyboard.
  • Telecontrol. Range: 15 m. Sturdy small alluminum box. Membrane keyboard which does not get ruined by dirt or liquids.

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