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P.C.C. 01 (Art. 660)

For Pool tables with motorized ball outlet mechanism. Choose the number of games or the length of time you wish to play.

The Pool Coin Control (P.C.C. 01) has been designed for coin or token operated pool tables which use a motorized mechanism to control the coming out of the billiard-balls. You can choose the number of games or the length of time you wish to play.

The following are connected to P.C.C.01:

  1. up to 3 coin acceptors or an electronic coin acceptor which accepts 3 different coins, 
  2. the motor and its limit switch,
  3. the battery to power the motor.

The value of the coins corresponding to each coin acceptor, the price per game, the possibility for the player to select to play for a certain length of time (see step 5 of programming), the duration of one game, as well as the way to operate the motor according to the mechanism used, can be programmed.

The display device shows players the money inserted, the number of games to play (which can accumulate up to 9) or the duration of play if this was the mode selected.

The inserted coin counters can also be seen (totalizators).

The P.C.C.01 is powered by its internal battery whose minimum duration is 10 years. However, an external battery must also be used to power the ball outlet mechanism motor. For this purpose, since the normally used small motors operate at 12 volts with an absorption of about 150mA, it is recommended to use a pack of alkaline, D size batteries (for example, 8 LR20, 1.5 V batteries in series) in this way guaranteeing about 27,000 opening cycles which correspond to a 3 year autonomy if there are 30 openings per day for 300 days of the year. In this way you avoid using the public network power supply to recharge lead or cadmium nickel batteries.

The equipment is also protected against the polarities of the battery being inverted and motor short circuits.



By inserting coins, each time the price of a game has been reached, the number of available games is increased, visible on the left side of the display device. The additional amount of money inserted, but less than the price of another game, is shown on the right. For example:

If the player presses the START push-button the billiard-balls come out and the number of games decreases by one. For example:

If a player wants to play for a certain length of time, as long as this function has been enabled, instead of releasing the START push-button, he must keep it pressed for at least 2 seconds. This operation causes the balls to come out and also turns the remaining amount of money into available time (max. 10 hours). For example:

By inserting other coins while the time is decreasing, more time is added in proportion to the value of the coins. During this time the player can make more balls come out by pressing the START push-button.

Playing for a certain length of time is especially useful in helping out more experienced players whose games are very short. In order to give an incentive for using the billiard game for a length of time, a higher game price and corresponding longer time can be programmed.

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