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FULL-ARM-03 (Art.830)


FULL-ARM-03 (Art.830)

The FULL-ARM-03 electronic apparatus for use in fencing, while similar to regularly-employed equipment, offers many use-functions as well as a series of unique and innovative features.

  • A flat keyboard that is both sturdy and reliable (with a minimum of 5 million contacts per key). Coloured keys with print that makes them ready for instant usage.
  • An LCD (liquid crystal display) terminal with 80 characters, a display which provides a continuous showing of the equipment’s operational status: counter-thrusts, timer (count figures and beginning figures), match counter, precedence (or priorité), penalty cards, type of weapon and programme at work, automatic reset time, sound level, possible halt of operations, and supply voltage.
  • All of the apparatus’ displays can be repeated on an outer PANEL-02 screen. Three panels may be connected at the same time. In addition to this link-up, which occurs through use of a simple telephone wire, there is an optocoupler which prevents dangerous power surges from flowing into the equipment.
  • CONTROL OF THE THREE WEAPONS with the possibility of selecting several programmes for the same weapon (e.g., a sabre with or without a sensor, with or without a fouet). Manual or automatic reset, variable automatic re-setting time, sound volume variable at three levels.
  • Built-in COUNTER-THRUST with a count up to 99. Increase, decrease and a return to zero. Automatic-count possibility when the épée is being used.
  • Built-in TIMER with the start time already entered and such related selectable uses as: AUTOMATIC STOP, ONE-MINUTE WARNING BUZZER, ONE-MINUTE PAUSE and TEN-MINUTE PAUSE (with memorization of the previous point count). A signal light (or LED) on the front clearly indicates whether the timer has stopped working or is in an individual match count or pause status.
  • A MATCH-counter, display of the PRIORITÉ (with manual and random control), yellow and red PENALTY CARDS with an automatic increase in the other fencer’s score.
  • Built-in receiver for the TELE-FULL-ARM remote control device, operating by means of the innovative system described below. Connector for linking up an additional EXTERNAL RECEIVER for the remote control device. Connector for the remote link-up of an additional EXTERNAL BUZZER.
  • POWER SUPPLY: 12Vdc or 12Vac on the same two lines. There is no need to worry about polarity when the equipment is battery-operated. The supply voltage can be monitored constantly on the LCD display: indication is given when the feed becomes insufficient. Energy consumption: 0.2A with the lights off, plus 0.7A for every light turned on.
  • Sturdy metal box. The upper lamp unit can also be seen from the back, and it is protected by a sturdy metal profile.
  • Measurements: 11.4cm in height, 27.7cm in width, 20cm in depth.
  • Weight: 2.4kg. (about 5.3lbs).





Extremely useful for a viewing of all necessary information even at a distance.




For the remote control of:

  • Counter-thrusts: increase, decrease and re-setting at zero.
  • Timer: start-stop, priming of the start time, one-minute pause.
  • Various use-functions: re-setting, yellow and red cards, match-counter, manual and random priorité, halting of the machine’s operations.
  • Innovative transmission system. Each remote control device has a different transmission code, one that cannot be altered and to which access is impossible. All the FULL-ARM-03 apparatus may be "tuned in" through use of a special key on any remote control device, but on only one such device at a time. This feature offers the following advantages:
    1. any piece of equipment can be synchronized to any remote control device by simply pressing two buttons, one on the machine itself and one on the remote control;
    2. two remote control devices can never be synchronized on the same apparatus, because otherwise there may result bothersome interference;
    3. it is not necessary to set the same code on the remote control and the receiver or to check to be certain that that code is different from all the others;
    4. a remote control device that is broken or has worn-down batteries can immediately be replaced.
  • Using the remote control, it is likewise possible to "block" or "unblock" the machine in order to keep it from being used at certain times. In addition, there are two types of blocking:
    1. BLOCK 1, in which only the use of weapons is activated (the fencers may practice);
    2. BLOCK 2, in which all the apparatus’ keys are made inactive.
  • Operation of the remote control is indicated a red led which lights up on the remote control itself, whereas proper reception is indicated by a yellow led on the front of the machine as well as by an audible beep.
    The remote control device is of the infrared type (as is the case with televison sets). The possibility that an obstacle of some form positioned in front of the FULL-ARM-03 might neutralize the remote control can be countered by the use of a second receiver (EXTERNAL RECEIVER), one which may be placed above the repeater panel or to the side of the platform or fencing strip. The advantage of infrared transmission is that one does not hear disturbances originating outside, as is often the case with radio transmissions (because in the latter instance transmission cannot be guaranteed: radios are subject to interference from other transmitters on the same frequency, even when they are situated at a considerable distance).
  • Power supply: with a 9-volt alkaline battery on the inside.
  • Endurance: about 150,000 operations!
  • Sturdy alluminum box with well-limited measurements: 11cm x 4.8cm x 2.2cm.
  • Flat keyboard.




This item is useful as a second receiver for the remote control. It comes with a pole for quick placement above a repeater panel and a telephone cord 3m. in length for direct connection with the FULL-ARM-03. 180 degrees reception.



For repeating at a distance the sound emanating from the FULL-ARM-03 apparatus. Comes equipped with a cord 15 metres in length.

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