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PANEL-02 (Art.835)

Repeater panel


Useful for displaying all the information provided by the FULL-ARM-05 at a distance and in larger size.
  • White, red, and green lights, optimal visibility over 180°.
  • Scorer. It counts up to 99 for each fencer. Height of the digits: 11.5cm (legible up to a distance of 40m).
  • Chronometer. Height of the digits: 8cm (legible up to a distance of 25m).
  • It includes an audio warning to indicate that the time is up.
  • Yellow lights.
  • Priority: indicated by a "P" on the side given priority.
  • Yellow card: indicated by a lighted yellow rectangle. Red card: indicated by a red light inside the yellow rectangle that flashes for 3 seconds and automatically increases the adversary's point score.
  • Matches count: indicated by 1, 2 or 3 red lights.
  • Connection to the FULL-ARM-05 can be made using a common 4-wire telephone cable, up to 100m in length. The apparatus comes complete with two extension cables: 2.5m and 15m.
  • The possibility of connecting several panels to the same apparatus offers the advantage of easily placing the display boards close to the public, either by hanging them on walls or ceilings or by creating double-sided panels by placing them back-to-back. In this latter case, a special switch makes it possible to invert the displays, so they can be read identically from the same side (including the coloured lights).
  • Also included with the PANEL-02 is a special 1m high stand that can be anchored to a table, thereby raising the display panels over the heads of the fencers, up to 180cm from the ground.
  • The panel can be easily attached to a wall, hung from the ceiling or put on a supporting surface in an upright position
  • Power supply: 12Vdc or 12Vac. Normal electrical consumption: 0.9A with the lights off.
    Consumption of the red or green lights: only 0.4A. Consumption of the white light: 1.7A.
    The low electrical consumption of the red and green lights is due to the use of high efficiency LED’s. Consumption of the white light drops to one-third just 30 seconds after being switched on, while still guaranteeing 180° visibility.
    The low electrical consumption allows direct use on the piste with battery operation. PANEL-02 also comes with a power cord with clamps for connecting to a car battery.
    If the PANEL-02 is run on the main supply, one of the following accessories is necessary:
    1. For the 230V power supply: Art.854-A Transformer 230/12V 3.4A.
    2. For the 115V power supply: Art.854-B Transformer 115/12V 3.4A.
  • For transporting the PANEL-02, we recommend use of the special carrying case, Art.850 BOX-01.
  • Overall dimensions: height 40.5cm, width 84.5cm, depth 7cm.
  • PANEL-02 weight: 9.2kg.


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