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Applications for timed electronic coin Acceptors:

  • control of washing machines and dryers in Laundromats - management of washing cycles
  • lighting systems for playing/sport fields - management of lights
  • tanning bed lights or other mechanisms in beauty salons and solariums
  • Billiards lights/lamps
  • Internet Point stations - access to internet
  • activation systems for payment services - coin, token, or prepaid card services
  • vacuum and car wash systems
  • air conditioners for seaside establishments
  • game rooms - videogames - electronic games
  • gym equipment, treadmills, hairdryers
  • etc.


Item codes and prices

CT1- Coin Acceptor for 1 service

Coin or token operated Acceptor for 1 pay timed service

Useful for: lights for playing fields, internet terminals, electronic games, washing machines, vacuums, solariums, air conditioners for seaside establishments, treadmills, etc. For showers or water service please see model CT1w . 

The introduction of coins/tokens closes the relay contacts to which the electrical load to be controlled must be connected.
Relay 10A . Allows for a maximum electrical load of 2300VA with 230V, or 1150VA with 115V. The contact can also be used for closing low voltages or command signals. As an option (see OPTIONS) the CT1 can also come with a Relay 30A.
The time of service (closing of the relay) can be easily adjusted from 15 seconds to 6 hours for each coin/token inserted.
Optional accumulation of time feature. If this feature is activated, inserting more coins will increase the time of service (maximum 30 hours). If deactivated, coins inserted during service will be rejected and returned, thereby preventing disputes from customers.
Upon inserting a coin it is possible to delay the start of service from 0 to 60 seconds. This is useful when the customer needs more time before accessing the service.
A signal light (LED) on the front of the Acceptor indicates when the service is in use.
The counting time is memorized in case power supply is interrupted and will automatically resume when power is restored. This prevents the time from being reset when brief interruptions occur and from any ensuing complaints.
Coins inserted when the CT1 is not in service will be rejected and returned, thereby preventing disputes from customers.
The CT1 uses an electronic comparable coin Acceptor  which is easily programmable to accept any type of coin or token. Simply place a sample coin or token in the appropriate slot of the Acceptor and the coin/token will serve as a reference for all other coins/tokens inserted. It is easy then to change the type of coin that the CT1 will accept. As an option (see OPTIONS) the CT1 can also come with an electronic multi-coin Acceptor, useful for accepting various types of coins at the same time.  For more information see OPTIONS.
A special internal button (LOAD ON/OFF) allows for the manual activation/deactivation of the service to facilitate the proper functioning of the device.
Stainless steel container, with high resistant coating for outdoors. International protection rating IP30.  As an option (see OPTIONS), the CT1 can be furnished with protection from rain and water (International protection rating IP34).
Large coin drawer that can hold circa 500 coins/tokens.
The device does not fulfill the Italian obligation of electronic recording and data transmission (Art. 2, comma 2, D.Lgs. Italiano 127/2015).
Size and weight: height 26 cm, width 22.5 cm, length 14 cm, weight 3.5kg. The small dimensions of the article reduce bulkiness and make it more aesthetically pleasing.
Power supply: 100-240V, 0.35A, 50-60 Hz.
Warranty: 2 years (info).

OPTIONS (can be selected after adding article to basket)

Relay 30A. Allows for a maximum electrical load of 6900VA with 230V, or of 3450VA with 115V.
Electronic multi-coin Acceptor.(photo) Useful for allowing the CT1 to accept up to 6 different types of coins. The operator can programme the coins by inserting each type of coin repeatedly. The programmed time on the CT1 relates to the coin of least value; the other 5 coins must have a multiple value of this. It is also possible to allow the Acceptor to accept two different coins (or one coin and one token) of the same value.
Protection from rain and splashing water.(photo) International protection rating IP34. This article is useful for uncovered outdoor installations or those situated where splashing water can reach them. Protection includes:
1. Sturdy cover for coin acceptor (photo), as art.199-30.
2. Water resistant lock.
3. Washers for door mechanism.

Optional articles (not included)

Art.199-30 Cover for Coin Acceptor (photo1, photo2).   Sturdy steel protection case with powder coating and cataphoresis painting, and with transparent polycarbonate window. The cover is used for protecting the coin acceptor from splashing water or sand at seaside locations.
Very easy fastening, via 2 screws only, on all CT models.

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