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MICRO8 (Art.708)

MICRO 8 has been designed mainly for running time controlled billiards, but can also be used wherever time is used for billing the user.

For billiards, table tennis, bowls, tennis, darts, tables for playing cards, golf, minigolf, bowling, virtual machines, time controlled video-games, internet rooms, solariums, saunas, air-hokey, professional billiard cues, bicycle, motorcycle, boat rental, etc..



  • Simple to learn and to use. An extremely strong keypad, with one button for each billiard and a small number of function keys makes it easy and quick to use.
  • Running 8 Billiards. Its low cost makes it convenient even for just two billiards. Other models are available for one billiard or more than eight billiards. The currency for any country can be programmed and the minimum tariff can be programmed for each billiard together with two hourly tariffs (normal and club). Programming mode and the totals (overall total is displayed with 9 digits, single totals are displayed with 8 digits), together with their visualization can be accessed only using a key. Another total can be displayed without a key for service personnel. An internal battery allows you to turn on MICRO 8 even during a blackout so you can view the sums due. This battery is NOT for keeping the data in memory which will remain even if the battery is removed.
  • It has a small and sturdy insulated plastic case that does not need earthing. Wall mounting is simple, solid and immediate using 2 front screws.
  • Power supply: 230Vac, 50-60Hz, 30mA (Available also for 115V).
  • Weight and dimensions: 21.3cm long, 12.3cm high, 5.6cm deep, 750g.

Options MICRO8

MICRO8 is fitted with 2 connectors for connection with two external controllers: CONTROL-LAMP-4-8 (for controlling the activation of 4-8 lamps or other electrical appliances) and CONTROL-BALL-4-8 (for controlling 4-8 billiard ball boxes). The controllers can be installed up to 100 m from MICRO8 and are connected using a normal 4-way telephone wire. Each controller has a 15 m extension. The controllers can therefore be positioned in the best location for the user, thus simplifying their connection to the lamps or the billiard ball boxes and the MICRO8.

Is designed for controlling the activation of 4-8 lamps or other electrical appliances. Each of the 4-8 outputs is relay-controlled and protected by a fuse. The load that can be applied to each output is 5A/250 V. CONTROL-LAMP-8 power supply: 220V 60 mA.

Is designed for controlling 8 BOXES (cases) which hold the billiard balls. The connection between each BOX and the controller is carried out using two wires at low voltage (24V). The BOX is a sturdy metal container with a simple mechanical system (patented) for controlling the billiard balls. There are BOXES for all types of billiard balls: see article code numbers. When a game start (START) is given to the MICRO8, the ball door opens automatically thus allowing the player to take the tray holding the balls. When the tray with ALL the balls is replaced into the BOX and the door is closed (the door will not close if even one ball is missing), the MICRO8 will stop the time count and display game-over to the operator. The CONTROL-BALL-8 can also be connected to simple ball holders where a micro-switch trips when the ball tray is removed. In this case the game starts automatically when the tray is removed.


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