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CARDWRITER-01 (Art. 193-01)
RFID Programmer for prepaid cards, wristbands and key rings for CTx series timers.

The CARDWRITER-01 programmer allows for managing cards, wristbands and RFID key rings compatible with the CTx series timers.

The TAGs used (cards, wristbands, key rings) communicate with the programmer via radio waves (RFID technology) and store information such as the Credit and System Code.

A large illuminated display with OLED technology displays information graphically, ensuring easy use on part of the operator.

The CARDWRITER-01 programmer allows you to:
load RFID TAGs with clients' prepaid credit;
verify any remaining credit in the RFID TAGs;
zero any remaining credit in the RFID TAGs;
verify totalizers for loaded or zeroed credit;
format the RFID TAGs;
set and modify the System Code.

The CARDWRITER-01 programmer has two menus
the operator menu, used for normal management of cards (added and zeroed credit, etc.);
the administrator menu, protected by a password, for managing the most important parameters (totalizers, System Code, etc.).

Compatible Timers:
CT11, CT21;
CT41, CT61, CT81;
CT11w, CT21w;
CT41w, CT61w, CT81w;
CT12, CT22;
CT42, CT62, CT82;
CT12w, CT22w;
CT42w, CT62w, CT82w.

Compatible Tags:
RFID card (art. 199-50)
RFID key ring (art. 199-55)
RFID wristband (art. 199-60)

Container: the CARDWRITER-01 programmer is constructed of a sturdy steel and aluminum container with a special highly resistance coat of paint for external use (cataphoresis + powder).
Size and weight: height 8.9 cm, length 13.2 cm, width 15.7 cm, weight 1.04 kg. The small size reduces bulkiness and makes it more aesthetically pleasing.
Power supply: 100-240V, 1.0A, 50-60 Hz.
Warranty: 2 years (info).

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