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art.R131  LOCK  060-code  with keys

EUR 5.00

Art.R131 - LOCK 060-code with keys

Spare part

Weight: 0.062kg.

TOKEN  26-1SS  type

EUR 0.38

Art.R200-1 - TOKEN 26-1SS type

Weight: 0.007kg.

art.R120  Lithium battery 3.6V for Timer/Lcd20 electronic board

EUR 20.00

Art.R120 - Lithium battery 3.6V for Timer/LCD20 electronic board

Spare part

Weight: 0.018kg.

art.603/CA  TRAY for Carambole (3x61.5mm)

EUR 6.50

Art.603/CA - TRAY for Carambole (3x 61.5-63.2mm)

Size: 21x21x3,6cm. - Weight: 0.14kg.

art. 603/IT TRAY for Italiana Game (2x68 + 1x59mm)

EUR 6.50

Art.603/IT - TRAY for Italiana Game (2x68 + 1x59mm)

Size: 21x21x3,6cm. - Weight: 0.14kg.

art.609/IN  TRAY for 9 balls  (9x61.5mm)

EUR 7.50

Art.609/IN - TRAY for 9 balls (9x61.5mm)

Size: 21x21x3,6cm. - Weight: 0.14kg.

art.616  TRAY for Pool

EUR 4.30

Art.616 - TRAY for Pool

Size: 25x25x3,6cm. - Weight: 0.2kg.

art.616/B  TRAY for Russian Pyramid  (16x68mm)

EUR 8.60

Art.616/B - TRAY for Russian Pyramid (16x68mm)

Size: 30,5x30,5x3,6cm. - Weight: 0.31kg.

art.622  TRAY for Snooker

EUR 7.90

Art.622 - TRAY for Snooker

Size: 31x31x4cm. - Weight: 0.28kg.


Art.602 - TRAY for PING-PONG

Size: 25x25x5cm. - Weight: 0.205kg.


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